25 April 2024, Thursday


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Real Estate

The Indian Real Estate market is attracting much international interest opening up opportunities in the sector for foreign investors.

A thorough understanding of the Real Estate sector and vast experience in dealing with corporations and individuals alike gives our team the expertise to advise clients on various aspects of property transactions in India. Our teams have experience in retail, investment, development, health, transportation, construction and public private partnerships.

We are considered one of the leading firms in India for advice on property matters and our comprehensive service encompasses all aspects, such as Construction, Development, Investment, Letting and Leasing, Real Estate Finance and Real Estate Litigation. Our clients come from a wide range of backgrounds, which include both foreign and domestic companies, public and private bodies and major developers, contractors, landlords and tenants.

Our property team works closely with other specialist departments within the firm to ensure that clients get the best possible timely advice and assistance. Documentation is carefully drafted bearing in mind the particular nuances of the Indian property market. Often clients are required to complete deals within tight deadlines; our teams are able to process documentation at speed without compromising on the quality of services provided.