19 July 2024, Friday


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Our immigration specialists are renowned for their expertise in corporate immigration. Our well-established immigration team assesses each application on merits and advises clients on the optimum visa category to apply for. ALMT Legal has been providing advice to people and businesses from all parts of the world on a wide range of issues including inbound and outbound immigration to India. We can advise on appropriate visas for personnel based on client requirements.

Our responsiveness, pro-activity and delivery capability is appreciated by clients given several applications, both for inbound and outbound immigrants, are required to be made on an urgent basis with limited turn around time. Our integrity and responsibility in dealing with matters is also well recognised by immigration authorities in India which facilitates the processing of applications for clients.

We can assist with all categories of visa applications for extensions, exit and return visas, for foreign nationals relocating to India either on a temporary basis or long term.

Our immigration experience includes:

Inbound to India

Assisting with extension of visas, including employment visas/ business visas/ journalist visas/ long term visas/ tourist visas/ dependent visas and obtaining visas in these or other categories as may be required from time to time including Person of Indian Origin (PIO) card application;

Outbound from India

Sample Transactions