25 June 2024, Tuesday

Employment and Labour

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Our employment team is geared to advising clients on all legal and practical issues arising out of the employment or engagement of employees, directors and independent contractors. We provide practical solutions and resolve issues relating to employer-employee disputes.

With extensive experience in representing international employers and senior executives across a range of industry sectors, our employment lawyers offer a highly individual service to suit the requirements of each client.

Labour and employment law and practice have been evolving, aiming to keep apace with the influx of foreign investors, a foreign work force and attendant employment issues. Contractual issues governing relations between employers and their workforce need careful consideration. As employers increasingly seek to remunerate their employees with a variety of benefits as well as provide incentives through employee stock option schemes, it is becoming increasingly important for corporates to adopt well established and internationally accepted policies and procedures. Implications of providing stock option schemes, rules regulating insider trading, issues of confidentiality and protection of intellectual property must all be factored in when considering employment issues in India. Indian labour and tax laws also impose certain obligations on employers that must be considered and met.

Our employment & labour law experience includes:

Sample transactions: